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Virginia Steel

Variety, Music, Education, & Inspiration. 

Virginia Steel is a variety show that focuses on musicianship in every imaginable form. The members firmly believe that music should bring people together, and they strive to bring their passion to everyone they come across. 

Individually, each musician has spent their lives immersed in music - in many forms, including: rock and roll, music education, world music, free form improvisation, song-writing, recording, producing, and more. To the members of Virginia Steel, music is more than an occupation or hobby - music is a lifestyle that chose them in the beginning, and has never let go. 

Together, Virginia Steel combines years of experience in performance, education, recording, and enthusiasm to provide an inclusive, high energy variety show that involves the audience from the moment they enter the room.

As multi-instrumentalists, all members can be found switching between a multitude of instruments throughout the performance, including guitars, bass, saxophone, flutes, percussion, kazoo, washboard, and more as they sing classic hit songs - for an experience unlike any other!

Victoria Shoemaker and Peter Phippen as Virginia Steel
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